Lilys Laboratory is a collective of like minded monsters looking to make there way in the media landscape, each of us is a talented member of our respective fields, pouring our soul into our work, the lab is an affiliate of MUTANTFAM.COM , we started there, were still there, Long live the drive-in! 


Lily Spellman

Lily Runs the website and The Laboratory section where the blog, interviews and reviews are posted, she is 32 years old and lives with her partner and son in Newmarket Ontario, she is an avid movie fan and will watch anything once. when working on an article she devours all you have ever created and gives you nothing but the best! 

The Host

The Host is the most evil and ancient thing in the castle, residing here long before even the doctor and lilys arrival and will likely be here a long time after. The Host specializes in story telling and runs a few projects which can be found under the Horrorshow Category. For more information on his human persona please check out the twitter link below! 

Buster Ditlev

The combination of retro tech junkie and media menace has created Ditlev Buster! he is an obsessive movie fan and has a wide knowledge of older films, he has a great ear for music and has been steadily creating art, music, videos and more for as long as hes been breathing! alongside running his own record label he also plays Reel character on the youtube channel of the same name! 

Bunnula TV

Mwahaha! never before has the internet seen such maniacal madness as they have since Bunnula TV hit the scene, obscene video series, dream like music, insane storylines! Bunnula TV is an ode to all things Alternative! With shows like Pussy High, BunnulaTV Music videos and Bunnula JR there is no end to the insanity! 

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