Welcome To The Castle:


Welcome Boils and Ghouls to the official Website of Lilys Lab, here we we will feature those involved in the Castle and its various rooms, Each week there will be an exclusive article written by myself :) as well as a link to my weekly on MutantFam.com ontop of the projects our wonderful castle freaks have brewing. stay tuned as this is still in the works! more will be coming each week! thanks for joining us! and remember to check out Mutantfam.com for more great drive in madness. Click an image below to visit the personal pages of the castle residence and use the bar above to browse the castle pages.

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My Articles on Mutantfam.com! Check back here each week for an exclusive piece not found anywhere else! 

Welcome to the Horrorshow: An episodic anthology series featuring the host, here you will find everything related to the host and the anthology as well as any terrifying projects he gets his devious hands into.

Cinema Stiltied: home of reel character, he has taken over the theater and made it his own, join reel each week for a new film and write in for a chance to be featured on the show! keep an eye out for more as reel is always creating! 


Mwahaha! The Lair of Bunnula is your stop for all of Bunnula TV's Music, Art, and Videos! Hes bringing you back to the days of Public access mayhem! dont miss out!